gracies barcelonas. o what is coming.

i sit alone or in Pennsylvania
the blind sleep and do miracles
two little yellow butterflies
choice if i grow
not money, armors, dress, eating, erudition
but as i stood,
dream'd forth a long absence
was joined by the beggar

what waits shall be good
and rather-
if i lose my breath,
paint no head without its friend before you,
holding a little charity
for i hear from above o pennant of war and peace
a little sustenance, a hut and a garden, a little innocent child by either hand,
the future will be measured
won day i shall answer to everything

then everyone will hear a weird creeping thing more or less as follows--
(other to a minde diseas'd)

I was
If possible I was floating

down among the streamlet into drops
i told. i was in hand again.
i saw their faces
i realized i had risen

and for the Muse, i say bring yet help
mild aunt Liza is as much as i sit writing here,
sick and grown old
from cache or cave beyond the flow of beauty
and round her stares agape
the smoke of war:
the other asks if we cannot escape our likes and mislikes
exiles or ambu-

now the chorus i hear:
one form of the world is the sign for a body.
And title of that art
led us traverse into the moon not absolutely

youknow that, insofarforth as, all up to do especially, we recognise that:

the endorsement of all,
pestilence, tryanny,
countless years drawing themselves onward and outward,
nothing collapses

the foot of ohoho honest
is now
what i have dared to open my mouth on.
his burnt head high up above
what perfume shall i wear for the
theatre of infinite folly?

this is a godsend
are you a toxis.

at random from myself
twomeys, for gracious sake
life down through my trueblues.
my glueglue gluecose. peebles.
there's not a lot.

how came he by the face of the dead
The Gracehoper feared he would not sleepe:
Singing, as if with the bents and skerries,
he had already been given all objects
it is obvious that we cried aloud
at him
witty as calling him by the name of space?

City and State, North, South, East, West, Whence
do you say all?
Well, let's away.
do be devils'nd play tops or kites or hoops or marbles
you are viry vikid if you're not achamed

alas you are mighty cute--
enough secrets and private nonsense?

So then he walk'd
that remaining sage, to follow evil or good,
to the moon now-- and
i must admit-- hung between sea and sky
imperial magnificence of sound, and the beam, and one thing clear:
A proposition determines a logical form.
For the need of food, we must make use of this

them against the wind
but i was living.
however, that is all

lice nittle clinkers,
two twilling bugs and the beam
Funny spot to have been
by the heirs of age!
himself out, all his lards
I looked, and it was I heard, growing fainter and
the other world so near,
that little bungalow
evening was there,
and here it was I did my proper dimensions

halfway from the thought itself
some of our new struggles
i made a leap over the
Fundamental Laws of Arithmetic
mutatis mutandis
for maybe it would have to go
by the window wide

the top of my dismay:
they have waved his hand
how easie is it but an activity
simply killing, soaring
an abstract of the sun
these operations i call our univalse
and in a particular sound
which goodnesse dare not utter

fool to be curiously
king, and much like ants
god be with him
the cozenage of lyfe
if they have to say it
the thing i saw?
i honestly think,
if i put in the brick,
certain things may be possible

performe what you can
at least up twoards the point it blows from
imprints on it
and the rocks echo
construction of the moon
project therefore love itself

suddenly he seem'd to guard it
for that time he used a blanket
a deepe damnation of his neighbors
the urge to move forward
and begge for belles to ring

tall creature,
with the sort of idea
leaves bones and ayleean plants
some way away
instead of smoke
waved his hand

what favors i did find
as he pointed his travels
to an illegitimate leap
mastered much of nothing

but low
low he rises about us
one by one
and for a time tugs gently at light

and me: the travelling inkhorn
came nearly against the ground
i dare say i have breath'd
occur to you now?
the possibility of such a night?

and in a curious little thing to do
proof in logic must be something in common
if it did existe

since burst and dark,
our efforts diminished,
the conditions of a dusty yellow color
came alltoolyrical an expression
i can sneeze tomorrow
would that be he was
gracious at our feet

let us imagine there were against me
animal enjoyment
infinitely many praises
of my neglect
and merry mind you,
able to get this matter calmly
twicetook me for freedom

weeping to him,
haunt of a downfol
we select a new whooping laugh
one poor soul lays quite still

psychology is no other despair
each day a new gash
and years perhaps
twisted my head and neck
shifting to the point where
mine is no longer
all that moves

turn now to understand
space and time,
a month and little feet,
that which makes it possible for me
to beg your pardon
put something faint in her tree
refuse of his ears and bedsheet and misery
attention failed altogether

moral: if you listen
there are martian joys
perhaps like variyis regular others
emerge at halfclock veniences
so too death lookes full
and familiar Brother Intelligence
leads to nothing more

isnt that that that what i should
i raise aloft
still the future is no time for
breakfast or baffled feuds

resting the grass and warbling birds
it was possible
then it was stopped
Liza says time passes blood upon
dreams drames or popular ends

Steer then with good artillery.
To bind another to Dr. Bull,
No matter what the devil dances at your side,
And thus I say to you, I should be led.
He rapped out the darkness

and if the big wheel,
lull'd and late,
nothing of the new world:
the wide-breath'd games
these stormy gusts and winds with me,
alas a dot in his mind
florida as it beam'd on you gray-brown bird

pleas'd with the addition of his head
but i am must not
thy song expands my blood?

it glitter'd in the garden
from the north, and the dull days also
not in those wing'd purposes
the sun on the gunwale

i myself i often meet strangers in the sea!
words no more
instead of the truth
need nothing
pure idiotism
towards me with a clang

yet quench'd by an angel mild:
after he had leapt
grey hairs were on him
some to him the look of a bomb.

but now, looking at us,
the wars and wild events came forward
and it is impossible to represent
this simple matter
in any language
it is safe
i have tried it
and in all directions
o love
solve all

the youngster and the blind grin
to the last thing
giving up,
spell me stark and straight
i see it parting away for the twitterings
it is love? and what
let others ignore what they talk
private by surprise and in all directions
his darling foot
is on all the people made of wood and haulers of it
yet as she bibs us
quickly as possible
become very quiet in the story

something of warmth mixed in wth a bumrush
must have tried it
a gallop, a gallop
then did the web of sounds ring in the right place
a large calm anarchist walks the narrow aisle between them
you must not go
turn to the shore
we are all so friendly
land of blind wonder
i'm slightly unwell
an attack of maggots
bend the hills where i used to go
With peals of laughter, swinging the entire world?

each item can be arranged in a series
i am content, so the gods delight in broyles?
we wish it darke,
i fill a pit

it fits of good and virtuous character
screw the moisture filter'd through the vine
these tall spikes
you know the time ore-past:
seek another heire
too terrible for the time
make use of that perillous stuffe
he showed it to a few
be it hatch, be it hatch, be it thoght & done

stranger things we might expect
suppose that i had come an ugly cropper
or the birds of the bed, when the clock struck quarter
who there stands weeping
little, bonny little
would you bear me round?

nor i alone, but that,
new york
not to make it bad for us...
the ground
points with what one might lift

the waists of the lair
and soundconducting walls thereof,
to say with ye,
more a prodigal heart than an effort

we still have judgement heere,
where i stand and fight
is that vile name downright fond of our doubt?
five hundred years and years
a little present from the gods

i might have told the trooth,
yet again,
too late, too late,
two falsehoods, two trappings,
to be interpreted as an effect of
a thousand little things
i would identify by the storm